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Mercury Rising
Effing Hell AKA Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Retired E-7.
Interests: My main goal in life now is to be as polite as I possibly can be in all circumstances. To start down my path to achieving this goal I promise to; Kindly ask people blocking the doors to the Subway Train to please move out of my way. Considerately instruct people on the usage of public trash cans. Sympathetically remind the local vagrants that it is not ok to urinate or defecate on our street. Gently awaken the passed out junkies in the neighborhood and explain to them the types of physical and mental damage such a lifestyle can cause. Thoughtfully ask people to stop telling the market cashier their whole life story while the rest of us are waiting to pay. Respectfully respond to strangers questions with the words, please stop speaking to me. Compassionately continue to provide water to our neighbors thirsty and constantly barking dog.
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Mar 10, 2015