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Stephanie Gezequel
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I came upon this by chance as it was needed for a short paper in my college English class, and I admit, it was hard to not put my anger and disappointment in it. During the summer I am a camp counselor and I always have kids running up to me wanting me to tell them a story. These kids range roughly from ages 6-11 and the stories they want me to tell aren't your average story. They are ones I have personally created. All of them have a female protagonist. While I adjust the stories to make things more appropriate for the younger ones, the story, ultimately, remains the same. Most of these kids that come to me are boys with a few girls who like the fantasy worlds I create. It does not bother them that it is about a girl and some of them really get into the slight bit of romance in them (I have had some boys who were not able to hear the end of a story ask if "Jill" and "Bobby" end up happy together.) I pray that their attitudes remain like this and that they can spread their acceptance of women and female protagonists to others....
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Mar 13, 2015