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Judy Johnson
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My game was running Great for over a year since I started re-playing in September 2013. All of a sudden, shortly after achieving level 160 by working my butt off not by cheating with 10 water towers and windmills, my game keeps crashing and I have to reload about 5 times per session. If I email for support, I only receive generic troubleshooting help. I have been playing Zynga games for about 5 years starting with Café World, Farmville, Frontierville, Cityville, Castleville, and Chefville. This situation has happened to me in All of The games. Stupidly I have spent countless of hours and dollars upgrading my computer(s), buying laptops, hard drives, graphics cards, all for the love of the game. This time I absolutely refuse to believe it is my equipment. My computer is only 2 years old, I have 16gb ram, NDIVIDA 650GTX, a 10,000 spin speed hard drive, I keep all my drivers and software updated, especially windows (8.1Pro with media center and the answer to my latest help plea was to clean my cache, make sure my browser is updated and not to use the pepperflash that comes with chrome. I told them everything above and that was the answer I got so at this point I can only believe that the games are set to slow down and or force high end players OUT. I also refuse to purchase any higher end equipment for my computer. I also have 30mbps internet and a 600n/1300ac router. Everything runs fine on all my computers, Except Farmville2. This Morning after wasting my last 10 farmbucks on Free Water and spent most of the time reloading the game and losing progress, Sadly, I said my Good Bye's and I am going to grant Zynga their wish, I will no longer play the game (as much) which in turn means, sorry Zynga, I will not purchase any more Farm Bucks. If you have records you can look up my purchase history for yourself. I started playing Country Escape but after the same results with 5 different games I also refuse to start dumping tons of money and time into that one only to end up broke and disappointed a year or so later.
Toggle Commented Mar 17, 2015 on Hardware and Software Mode at FarmVille 2
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Mar 17, 2015