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Hi Jodi, I really like your article except my only concern is the sense-of-place stuff. Your arguments are really pushing me to think deeply about this, because you have articulated very well the problems that come with 'connection to place,' an idea which I have always taken for granted to be true--that people can become connected to place and have a sense of home and that when they lose it they can feel a sense of loss. I would like to see Klein herself debate you on this because I get what you are saying in theory and see all the problems with bloodlines etc that you are describing, but I wonder how convincing the argument against place really is. Displacement is a huge and painful and traumatic issue. Being forced off one's land through violence or coercion can be devastating--see partitions far and wide across the world. But land claims are a huge issue in Canada and many First Nations groups in Canada were devastated because of issues of displacement. I'm just wondering if you think it racist or fascist to acknowledge this? I think you're right to point out that viewing indigenous peoples as 'closer to the land' is problematic and quite possibly racist; however, the word "indigenous" itself which you are using invokes that very connection to a particular land or region, and that seems like a different issue, because many colonized groups across the world self-identify in this way. There is also the age-old problem within Marxism/Communism that it 'originated' as a European theory and practice, right? Should we replace the word 'indigenous' or, say, Cree with the word 'worker' then? I don't know. There may be some troubling erasures there that people smarter than myself might be able to address, but I just wanted to point out that you might be glossing over the reasons for some of Klein's tentativeness on these issues, especially as she is Canadian and these issues are alive in Canadian politics in a way that they are not in the US. Just my thoughts. Thanks for the thoughtful article.
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Mar 17, 2015