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Ruth - I'm certainly not going to tell YOU anything about bourbon - particularly given I'm teetotal - but your piece intrigued me so I thought I'd share three articles about it I found of particular interest. If you weren't already on this, I thought for someone with your palate a Pappy Winkle Maple Syrup might be of note. (I would hope, however, that it would release a little more of a Pappy note than the even-less-than-a-soupçon of truffle in some Truffle oil I recently purchased! Color me UNimpressed on that.) ;) Alley
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2015 on A Note from Pappy at Ruth Reichl
Ruth - and now you evil woman you have given me yet ANOTHER reason to wander up the Hudson at some point; no lack of lovely foodie choices up there and now ... CHEESE! (And it's a little hard to resist a place on Cherry ALLEY ...) Thanks, Alley
Toggle Commented Mar 27, 2015 on Say Cheese! at Ruth Reichl
Ruth - Utterly fascinating entry and now I'm totally craving cheese ... Thank you. ;( FWIW, with regard to American cheeses, next time you're in San Francisco, check out Cowgirl Creamery. Their Mt. Tam and Red Hawk are American cheeses that can - and have - compete(d) with any fromage anywhere in the world and take home the medals! And they offer tours and classes: (Not associated with them; just a true turophile!) Alley
Toggle Commented Mar 25, 2015 on Say Cheese! at Ruth Reichl
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