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At the rate you get seaweed and acai berries you can't complete the 2nd phase or any other phases in the time allotted. I have sent my farm hands to Grandma Glen and after 5 times still no seaweed. Twice to even get it at the mill if lucky and the barge, 3 or more times for 1 berry. This is ridiculous! Is it a bug or do you purposely do this so no one but a select few who can afford to waste keys for buying ingredients or recalling hands can win! Didn't you learn from the last time when some many people just gave up on the Wedding Quest!!! I liked the summer camp one, this one?? Not at all
Me too should have saved my money!!
You make it on the stove top with sugar and water!
Yup I agree!!
Really sucks that it takes forever to get seaweed and acai berries! Not guarantee to get one so how do you expect us to keep playing when it takes 5 or six tries to get supplies need!! Again it was fun at first now it's just rapid and not worth the effort! !!!
Really disappointed in this event got stuck getting repeats on the flower arrangements and I lost my dogs and didn't get them back as promised! I have 3 hours to do 2 levels and I give up! THIS WAS A TOTAL BUST FARMERVILLE 2 COUNTRY ESCAPE! !
This event sucks! They promised to extend the dogs with the updated, it didn't happen. Takes too long to get enough roses, Grandma's glen should not have to be every 3 or 4th time you get 1. Free sunshine bonus I only got today and I have been doing this event for 3 weeks! I seriously doubt I will finish on time!
Some of the events take longer than others because you don't get a flower every time you go to the glade or feed animals. That's just wrong! I won't be able to finish the whole quest. I also bought dogs but they will expire before the time runs out, they should have extended them along with when the extended the event! Really disappointed with the whole thing!!!!!!!!!!
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Mar 26, 2015