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Very well said!
If people are setting their time ahead (I did not do that) then they can start the event early. That is the only way I an explain why the top 5 in my group had over 100,000 pts while the rest in the group had a max of 60,000+ pts. I did not get gold because I can't play 24/7 and I am not going to spend money for this.
Please fix the game and remove the scavenger hunt event. It ended on Sunday yet it is still hanging around. Mine, pond, glade, etc is still giving event items and the feeds are full of event items as well that people can't get rid of. The feeds are dead with hardly any good items in them that you need to fulfill crazy Eddie's orders, etc. It was bad enough that once again we had to contend with a leaderboard event that in my case was impossible because the group I was a part of had 100,000+point in 1-5 while the nearest person in 6-10 was int he 60,000+ level. Only if you spent a lot of $$ on keys and played 24/7 could you get enough points for gold. Everyone keeps writing that they don't like leaderboard event and regardless of what you say they are not fair and there is not a level playing field on these events.
I agree! That has happened to me twice now - have lost almost 20 keys that way.
Playing this game is pure entertainment for me but I have to agree that leaderboard events are not entertaining. I can't play 24/7 so trying to get gold is almost impossible especially considering someone jumps to almost 30,000 pts in the first hour of the event. I can only guess they must be setting their time forward and starting the event early. I typically don't play anymore when it is a leaderboard event because it also affects the feeds and the feeds only have typical items that I can get easily. The harder items that I can't always have enough of for Eddie can sometimes be found through the feed but not during these events. I have a great coop but no one has time to make all the things Eddie wants and not having good stuff in the feeds makes it worse. As many people dislike leaderboard events, I don't understand why they keep being released. I am level 57. Once I get to Level 60, I am not sure what else I am going to do on the game. Sure wish the lighthouse would be released. It has been saying "coming soon" forever.
Actually this is affecting ipads. I have the issue of getting stuck at 22% sporadically. Typically a force close fixes but not always. Game version is 2.8.194. My player id is 37912422571. I am currently on ios vs 8.2
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Mar 27, 2015