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Roger Alien
ultra-left gay socialist
Interests: Dreaming of the demise of the GOP, dreaming of the ultimate demise of a particular few members of the GOP. But #1, Willie, my most recent addition to my family. Just take a look to the upper left and meet Willie.
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I just wanted to add to Steve's comment. Cable and internet have been around for how long now? Before I say more, stupid is just a word that should never be used in reference to a person, especially when speaking for a separate party as they are not there to defend themselves. Okay, off my soap box now. (well, for now) My point is, anyone who is not aware that things aren't subject to a sales tax, state and local taxes, federal taxes, as I mentioned in an earlier comment, all sorts individualized area taxes and fees isn't stupid or assumed by one party to be stupid. People buy something on sale because they like it and it was marked down from $45 to $15.99. Unless you're from and shopping in one of the few municipalities or states that have no sales tax, does anyone really think when they go to pay for it is going to cost them $15.99 total. Same goes for internet.
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Listen price never includes taxes and fees, they very from one municipality, one area, to another. I live in Chicago, now the 4th highest sales tax in the nation. You can imagine how disappointed I was when we lost the #1 position about 8 years ago. I, too, have the 18 mb/s internet. I have a cable/internet bundle so my total taxes and fees are for that, not just internet. I pay about $15 a month in fees/taxes including our own special Chicago Amusement tax which comes to over $7 monthly. I've never had a problem that wasn't fixed to my satisfaction. Well, the worst was missing the last Super Bowl but what they did was still more than I would have asked for. There cut me off due to their mistake. My bill was current, not even late. They gave me $50 off for the next 2 months. They reversed the $95 fee for a service man to come out. The charge was because he had to fix it because of a problem with their cable box in the alley, hence not something that was within my building. The fee I am aware of, I was not make aware of it by the serviceman (a requirement before doing any more work without my permission) that was not met. Nothing was said to me, I just opened the next bill and saw it. They were also very clear about installation fees and equipment fees. The equipment fee was rebated, which they told me it would be when I signed on whenever U-verse became available in my neighborhood several years ago, and the installation fee I know nothing of. I moved last September. I actually cancelled my service as I was staying between places for 2 months waiting for my apartment to be ready, so I was a new customer. I had no installation fee. I've also never had any contract I had to agree to. The only thing I ever had to do was to remain a customer for 90 days to qualify for the $150 Visa gift card. It's been about 8 years now.
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Mar 29, 2015