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Fakeru Sandu
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Hi Xianodong, Thanks for the code. I'm trying to use it for placing some symbols at each start and end of centerline of work feature. It works ok, but I need to improve it. First I need to do it per view selection, at this moment the code will add symbols to all centerlines found on the drawings, but I need only for selected views. Should be possible and easy, however I can't get it done. Please help if you can. Thanks
Thanks for this! But at this moment I don't know where to place the code into addin project...
Thanks for the answer. First problem is that I can't take anything from that post because the code is written in C# (correct?) I started my addin in I don't know what to do now. Should I start again but with C#? I don't find too many examples in C# for Inventor, and I even find difficult to figure out all the things in
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Apr 6, 2015
Hi! I have a question. Can I create a new ribbon that with this wizard? Thanks
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Apr 6, 2015