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Somwhere in my Jeep
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So...she sits in a chair, in front of a teleprompter, and READS the news to people? *AND* she *THINKS* that that is, somehow, *important*? Got news (no pun) for ya lady: You don't MAKE the news! You just sit there and *TELL* people what happened, AFTER the fact, no less! You don't even write it yourself! LoL...The only reason she got the job is for her looks and the fact she can probably suck a golf ball through a garden hose! The chick she yelled at has more integrity and character then Britt will *ever* have! WoW! The nerve of some of these "people".....
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So...what is the reason for getting tweeked about it? Your selling all *your* stock! As opposed to letting it sit on the shelf forever...I would be happy someone came and took it off my hands! I do know that in some states, such as Jersey, it is illegal to buy it that way and then turn around and sell it in your own store...why, I don't know has to come from a wholesaler and you have to show proof if you are inspected. I certainly wouldn't get pissed if I sold out...I'd just raise the "sale" price next time, for items I knew they were interested in...
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Apr 7, 2015