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I realize this event was to promote unity within co-ops, however it has had the exact opposite effect. I belong to a terrific co-op, with lots of active members who were willing to help each other. But, we are all just burned out by the timed events, leaderboard events and numerous glitches in the game. Our chat is a ghost town where it previously was lively and productive. I, myself have quite given up on this event. I played and saw the few points I earned were a very small drop in the bucket. Everything needing brown sugar - I worked the glade 5 times to get one. I have really enjoyed playing this game and reaching level 70 but with the glass ceiling and loads of stamps from Eddie that are worthless, and achieving all the masterys, what challenges are left? I would switch to Hay Day if it were available for Kindle. Color me disappointed.
super-terriffic-NOT!!!! Another Leader board event. I sat the last one out, no way to win and I can't devote the time to the game. I'm level 70, how about something for us? No challenge to the game anymore. I've completed all the mastery goals, and throttled at 20,000,000 coins. My co-op used to be really active and now you can never find anyone on chat. Please, please, please, PLEASE, NO MORE LEADER BOARD EVENTS!!!!!!
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Apr 9, 2015