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xis neetriht
Interests: Martial Arts
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I once read about a man that didn't know how to read or write that became a Multi Millionaire. I have also have read about a boy in the community (that the one suing his school has chosen to leave), in the book "All for the Boss" you could clearly see a difference in the judgment calls between these two corrector's. In this book(the one who it's about), as a young boy the Father left him, the relatives tried to charge more money for rent, & to the normal mind, I would think the happy majority would feel the whole world was falling apart! Yet this man as a boy, sleeping on a park bench & came to a positive conclusion, he stated "G-D, if you support me I'll make it my life goal to take in guest". Regardless of this man's religious convictions as a boy, what I see is he was in a Major life pinch! Yet, even so he choose to find within himself a positive view. Ultimately, when he came of age he found Businesses that he succeeded in & became well off (Not even due to his community). I myself,(When I was younger) went to many Amway speeches & not one of those Millionaires developed what they have with a Negative attitude towards life or someone they felt hurt by!, they pressed forward & overcame obstacles. There are many poor people in the world & some that became well off or even Wealthy. To say "It's your fault world", & everyone has wronged me is the exact opposite of a positive out look on life or life situation. I feel it is a complaint coming from a very negative place. This man has chosen to view life has he has chosen. But he could at least view his parents in a slightly different light. His Parents with-in there view of the world felt they where giving him the best from there perspective, he could think or have thought this point & moved forward in life believing that they did what they did from a place of care, and not a place of Malicious brainwashing intent (A parent cares for the child in the happy majority of cases & wants the best), now that the claimant has chosen a direction in life, I feel he should take a more positive view of his parents & the world around him instead of blowing up & stating my "life pinch" is all your fault world & I claim against all of you! So I believe that this person has chosen to take a look at life in a very negative way, choosing instead of taking the opportunity to improve & empower himself & others & find a way to succeed & bring a positive result to the world, whether in the community he was raised in or not, he has chosen to degrade the school & his parents & speak out against them & there ways. On top of that he's gone one step further trying to even sue the Government for there part in his failure in life & bad planning or lack there-of. I believe the worst thing would be to allow such an individual to win such a case. It would be much better to give him a positive feed & emotional courage to at this point in his life find a job & or schooling that would lead to the correct job for him rather then giving in to his claim against everyone in his past. instead of blaming the world he should learn to live in the world!
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Apr 12, 2015