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Jay Hunsicker
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View image | Back in 2014, the Philadelphia Eagles had LeSean McCoy as their starting running back and unquestioned offensive leader. Everything flowed through "Shady" and as he went, so went the Eagles. When McCoy appeared banged up, that was the true point in which Eagles fans really began... Continue reading
There were a lot of things wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2014. The passing defense was atrocious. The offensive line was decimated by injuries. And wide receiver Riley Cooper was terrible. Continue reading
The more we learn from recent days of Philadelphia Eagles' practices, the more it seems we all need to come to grips with reality. When the Eagles kick off their 2015 season on a Monday night in Atlanta, Mark Sanchez - not Sam Bradford - will more than likely be under center. Continue reading
View image | Finally, the draft is behind the Philadelphia Eagles and all of us fans. It feels like we'd waited forever for this past weekend to arrive. When you think about it, the draft countdown began for most of us on Dec. 20, when the Eagles lost to... Continue reading
Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has gone on record saying the Eagles will not "mortgage" their future to trade up in the NFL Draft. That's good. That makes sense. There is also no clear definition of what it means to "mortgage" the future. And there is no evidence to suggest dumping a bunch of draft picks hurts one team or helps another. Continue reading
I’ve been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with a more highly-anticipated draft for the Philadelphia Eagles. Only one year comes close - 1999. In that draft, head coach Andy Reid and crew held the No. 2 pick and the hot question was whether the Eagles would select running back Ricky Williams or quarterback Donovan McNabb. Reid went with the latter, some knuckleheads booed and the Eagles embarked on the most successful period in franchise history. Continue reading
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Apr 16, 2015