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SMR: 1 mole CH4 + 2 mole H2O --> 1 mole CO2 + 4 mole H2 1 gallon of gas equivalent of NG = 2.57 kg NG, which at 18 g/mole is equal to 143 moles of NG. Therefore at a 4:1 molar ratio of H2:CH4 in a SMR yields 1.14 kg H2. Now, assuming 75% SMR efficiency and a 53% efficient FC, results in an overall 45% effective efficiency per gallon of gas equivalent of natural gas. Which is twice the efficiency of burning NG!!! Don't forget that Steam Methane Reforming using two parts water for one part NG and recovers 75% of the total hydrogen in both the methane and the steam (water)!!!
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Apr 22, 2015