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Paul Hurt
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I wonder if you've considered renting an allotment, which can solve the problem when someone has a garden which has a difficult aspect(North-facing), has a garden which is too small, or no garden at all (when I moved into my terraced house, there was no garden at all, just a small backyard, although I made a garden later.) One drawback (not the only one, though)is the time it takes. Not everyone has the spare time. My Website (which you already know about, obviously, as a contributor to the site HP) has a gardening section (which you probably don't know about). I've two allotments in Sheffield, not ideal in aspect, both sloping and North-facing, and the use of a third allotment, which is level. One of the pages, with photos of the two main allotments, is at The other pages include one on plant protection (essential to protect Kale, a crop I like a lot, very, very hardy and very often grown in Scotland, of course) from pigeons and one on extending the growing season by use of cloches, as well as a triangular greenhouse design
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