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Spot on...I've been saying the same thing.
Raiders belong in LA, bottom line it is better for the franchise. Oakland failed the franchise on so many levels. Oakland/NorCal fans always talk about how the Raiders have history there but they also have rich history in Los Angeles the very place where the Raiders won their last superbowl and the only LA team to win it as well. As for all these numerous mysterious Rams fans from LA that only seemed to be found on the very rarely see one in person in LA at all it is a surprise when you do see one. Raider fans you see everywhere in LA whether you love us or hate us our presence is felt and beating in heart of Los Angeles. I once supported the Rams coming back to LA along with the Raiders however I do not any longer due to their dishonest tactics to distort online polls and teaming up with the biased LA sports media who absolutely loathes the Raiders and will skew the truth in order to keep the Raiders out of LA and give the illusion that LA welcomes the Rams with open arms. The Rams and their fans view the Raiders as a threat because they were like the forgotten sibling of LA when both teams were here similar to how the Clippers have always been to the Lakers.
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Apr 27, 2015