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Hi Joe, Ive been doing longer force reps during base as this has been one of my weakness. Should I continue this during build up or will I maintain what Ive build up by doing shorter ones or with allround build up training? Best regards
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2016 on Force Reps at Joe Friel
Thank you for your answer and sorry for that :) Maybe I can change my questions a bit? 1. Which would you say is most effective if you have to choose (yes I know it depends:) ), train four days a week but longer rides or five days a week and shorter rides? 2. I have both your books, training bible for mtb (2000) and training bible for cyclist (2009). As a mtb cyclist should I use your MTB book, or would you rather recommend your latest one, when planning workouts? Im thinking science perspective and changes being made during that many years? Thanks in advance! //Patrik
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2016 on Training in Base 2 and 3 at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, I have two main questions I hope you can help me with; 1. During base 2 there is a workout with hill ride-long climbs, which you recommend heartrate z2-4. Do you have any recommendation for how long climbs and how many during (how much "rest" between) for example a 2h ride? Which hr zone should I stay in between climbs? 2. You have a recommendation in your book about the daily training hours. I have also read your earlier thoughts about training 4vs5 days. If I train 10-11(400h/y) weeks during base and my mtb races during summer will last about 2h - 3.5h - should I still do 5 times a week with the longest ride at 3h as you recommend? A local coach recommended me to do at least 4h rides once a week but then I only will have 4 workouts a week. What will the difference be between longer but fewer workouts and more frequent but shorter? What is most beneficial? Best Regards Patrik
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2016 on Training in Base 2 and 3 at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, I have a question related to this topic. Im doing my third year of mtb. Ive read several of your books, and noticed that as you mentioned above, that races longer than 3h should have zone 3 tempo. However when I look at my data from races (however not longer than 3h 30min), I have mostly 4 or 5a. I dont know if Im doing anything wrong, or if I should lower my tempo, or if that is fine? I also wonder if that is not a problem, should I train more zon 4 during base? I have two base 2 and one base 3, which means 8 weeks zone 3 intervals and 4 weeks zone 4. Your opinion would be great! Thanks Patrik
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2015 on Should You Train in Zone 3? at Joe Friel
Hi Joe! Im doing my second year in MTB and have since I started gained about 8kg muscle weight, which in my case is not good. I would rahter loose some weight but still want to do weight training. What training should I do, AA, ME and SM?
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2015 on Should You Lift Weights? at Joe Friel
Hi Joe, Im really confused about what is my LTHR, maybe you can help. In april I did a test on an indoor bike and got 178 as avarage last 20min. During build I did a lab test and got 167 (however a bit exhausted at the time). Recently Ive been racing and from a 25km race I got 177 and 47km 171 on avarage. So my highest result is from indoor trainer, but that result is close to the result from the 25km race. However Ive read in one of your books that during race motivation is high and therefore one should divide HR with 1.05 i this case. Which gives me ~169, which is close to the lab test. My feeling is that 178 is a bit high, despite that the fact that I managed this on an indoor trainer. Because when I train weekly according to, especially during build, I dont always manage to achive the right HR-zones. I know that you say MHR isnt important, but during my races I never had more that 188. And if I watch the zones in your books, 172-175 (5a) fits well with max 188. It also seems close to my 47km race, which gave me 171. BUT Im really confused... What to you think of all this mess? :)
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2015 on Determining your LTHR at Joe Friel
Hi Joe! I have questions that is a bit off topic but still about CTL. During last week before a race how much should CTL drop? (obviously impossible to give a straight answer but approximately) I understand from your books that CTL must drop in order to get form, and the point is to reach maximum TSB at race day. What if you've trained too much or hard so you wont reach the estimated maximum of the curve ie 30TSB. How should one handle that situation, train according to the plan or is it better to rest? Or do fewer taper reps in combination with rest? Thanks in advance
Many thanks for your time!
Toggle Commented May 5, 2015 on How to Recover at Joe Friel
Thanks for your quick answer Joe. I did exactly what youre telling me and still the same feeling in the legs and low pulse during the test like the week before during my workout. Should I treat a local fatigue in any other way than a regular fatigue? And if this fatigue doesnt go away, any ideas?
Toggle Commented May 4, 2015 on How to Recover at Joe Friel
Hi Joe! Thanks for a great and intersting blog. I´ve read a few of your books and Im also using I have a question related to overreaching and recovery. As a mountainbiker Im a novice, doing my second year. Though this is my first year with a trainingplan including training hours (275). However Ive been active in sports in many years, so in that case Im not a novice in context of training. Im 33 years old. Recently Ive finished my base 3 training, and during my last session (about after 40min) my thighs Went all numb and powerless. I had no more energy at all in the legs, however I didt feel exhausted in any other way. Heart wise it wasnt a heavy workout. Previous week Ive been having a rest week with about 3h training. Two days ago I was to suppose to do CP30 test, but I fel low in Power in legs, and after about 10min of 30 test minutes (warm up not included). No energy in my legs to pedal. I also have trouble rising my pulse. Last time I did the test I had average of 178, this time 160. Of course my idea is to rest, but I feel fresh in mind an body, but just not the legs. Any advice? I also wonder if I should skip build up (which suppose to begin this week) and continue with base 3, since Im novice to mtb?
Toggle Commented May 4, 2015 on How to Recover at Joe Friel
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