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"Unlike every other military anything in previous human history, you suddenly have a situation where mass mobilization not only works, but works best. Democracy rises because the necessities of the exercise of imperial power require you to trust the entire adult male population with military arms." Note that Germany was sorta democratic; Russia was not, as was the Soviet Union. China was not a democracy, either before or after the Communist Revolution.
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Maynard Handley said... "Once again, why do I have to point out that the extremists are not the entire population? Talks with a few self-selected individuals do not represent what all Evangelicals (or what all Republicans) think; or even the median or modal opinion. " The rate is something like 80% of self-identified *white* 'Evangelicals'. At this point a white evangelical who does not support Trump should realize that they are a fringe.
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"So, are they saying their hatred of Democrats is stronger than their love of Jesus?" For many, if not most, there never was any love of Jesus which really mattered.
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May 2, 2015