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That has to be most asinine bunch of white supremacist racist twaddle I have read in my life. And no wonder the black community in the US is incensed when they have to deal with the likes of your attitude. Your cliches are a gold mine. >>>Yeah, it tells me that America has a violent subculture that is unwilling to assimilate into what its expected. Whats expected.. yup, why don't em blackies know what's expected of 'em, eh? They should be happy with 'er lot in life. Freaking jerks all of 'em. >>>EVERY SINGLE black ruled country is either a wreck or goes to a wreck. Ask a Rhodesian or Afrikaans how they feel about seeing their countries wrecked by do gooders like you. Yeah, the fact that these countries were run like racist concentration camps with blacks unable to get decent education (unless they suborned themselves to the white power structure) and the vast majority remained poor, uneducated by design, has nothing to do with their present status. All this whilst the US and other countries meddle in their local administrations to make sure their power interests are served. Seriously, whom are you BS'ing with your KKK style rhetoric? >>>Funny anecdote about blacks overseas and blacks here. For a while I was romantically involved with an Oxford educated black girl from the UK who worked for Mini Cooper in PR. Very classy, elegant woman who hailed from Nigeria ..Almost white eh? You might have as well written that. >>>>However, when she saw for her own eyes how they chose to live, it depressed her immensely because she had been told the lies her whole life and how "African Americans" were the standard for blacks across the world, yet the reality was so much cheap gilt. Yeah and somehow she isn't with you anymore. Speaks volumes.
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May 3, 2015