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Scott Skywalker
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Hello Joe, I am in my 3rd year training for triathlon. Been using your Bible to help me. However I am away for the last 4 months and did not bring it with me. I have been mostly doing 80/20 training and am seeing great results. I last did a field LT test about 8 months ago with a LT of 172. However I have recently done a coppers test which I PB ed, a new 5.75KM PB (local running route we use to compete against friends) and during my intervals, My max HR only gets up to 170 max. I will do another LT test this week , but I am guessing it will be a much lower # based on my previous runs. What exactly is happening here? I will post my new LT HR on after my test. Thanks, Scott
Toggle Commented May 12, 2015 on Max Heart Rate and Fitness at Joe Friel
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May 12, 2015