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Diane Tosh
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Thank you so much for this post. Although I do not know a lot about past life regression, I know about the recovery of repressed and live memory of trauma people have experienced in their current carnation. As you point out, the rape and torture, both physical and mental, that might been shown in the upcoming episode is still prevalent all over the world today, in both personal and institutional contexts. I do have concerns about how the scenes will be depicted. I love the show so far, I love how differently from other television they have presented so much of the material. But this, as I mentioned in a comment on another discussion (in case anyone is else is scouring all the blogs due to mixed feelings!), I am worried that Outlander might have been pressured into joining the TV shock wars or first-to-cross "the line" contest. Based on previous evidence it doesn't seem like this production team would, but the pre-show publicity is veering on titillating which disturbs me in itself. Should we look at the reality of rape and torture head on? Probably, for those able, if there is a hope that knowledge will help prevent more. But can it be presented in fictional accounts on the small or large screen without being prurient? I'm not sure, if simply because of how that content is almost universally consumed at this point. These actors are wonderful and I think we have seen sparks of what they can really do. They and we deserve to see everything they have to offer. But how much of this is the platform required for that? I hope the show surprises me, as it has before. But I'm not enjoying the P.R.
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May 14, 2015