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Bruce B
Centennial, CO
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I believe I fall into this category. Let me explain - I have power on the Computrainer and worked all winter/spring using Time Crunched Plan to increase my FTP (about 12%). But now when I ride outside I only have a HR monitor, and am unable to increase my HR up into the desired zones to get my intended workouts. I know I need to push much harder now that my FTP has increased and have been riding much stronger and faster relative to my buddies, but honestly, I do not believe I could hit my LT HR now for more than a few minutes. An example of this was a few weeks ago at the Moab Gran Fondo I did the long 17 mile climb at a TT perceived effort but my HR was 7-10 bpm below my LT HR! Joe, should it take higher perceived effort to get into the threshold zone as FTP increases significantly? i.e., I'm just being a wimp and need to harden up or what? Or, does that mean that my LT HR (or what I thought it was) has actually dropped 10bpm as I've gotten more fit?
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May 20, 2015