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@HB and @EP Based on the diagram and function of flow cell batteries, it is technically two separate electrolyte tanks, not a fresh fuel/discharge fuel tank. A flow cell battery has two electrolytes that flow on opposite sides of a membrane similar to a fuel cell. the article mentioned each tank had its own filler neck to speed fill process. @John Burns: A flow battery doesn't get charged/store charge like a regular battery. A flow battery only produces charge while the liquid is flowing. The only thing that can be charged are the super-capacitors. @ken, yes you do fill it with electrolytes. Flow batteries work by passing electrolytes along a membrane to create electricity. the article even mentions that they used separate filler necks for each tank to speed the refuel process. however, the evaluation criteria is mostly applicable. As far as I can tell based on diagram I think there are three tanks, two fresh electrolytes and a waste tank. (hard to tell from their picture).
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May 20, 2015