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American continent
searching for spiritual answers
Interests: astrology, higher learning
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Hi Robert! Extremely useful article. I would like to ask you if you believe your TF can be NOT incarnated in this world. In other words, is it possible to "feel" him as a superior being from a higher spiritual plane? One who has been seeking you out in this lower world and finally communicates with you through your intuition, a couple of visions, sudden "strange" thoughts and feelings, etc? I think that has been going on for me for about two years now and it took a very slow, painful and sometimes terrifying realization to finally come to terms with it. I tried to deny it for such a long time because I've always been a very rational person (I'm a scientist). But he's sent me enough evidence so that I had to give up on my resistance. I try not to be scared, but instead be grateful for the chance to meet him. I am a Pisces, Gemini rising and I've always felt from childhood that I'm sort of an "old soul". I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I feel he is my TF, we're destined to be together one day. Have you ever encountered such a case?
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May 28, 2015