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On a counter note: I do not donate to WWP, and don't plan to. But I think it might be a shame to dismiss the kind of talent a high salary brings to a charity. Per Their 2014 financials ( WWP spent more than $244.18 mil (rounded) of donated funds to help service members and their families. How many other veteran charities have provided $200+ million in services to wounded vets? Charity CEOs who can bring in those numbers could easily go work for a for profit company and probably make more than they do with the charity. While I think WWP should do a better job of informing their donors about their information disclosures, I think it would be a huge mistake to dismiss out of hand how much a talented CEO can bring to a charity. I only want to provide a counter point. I have no issue with the CEO of Starbucks making $22.8 million, if he keeps bringing profits to the company. Couldn't we look at the CEO of a charity the same way as long as they keep improving donations while still providing good services? I pose this question: without a highly paid CEO, how many people would know about the WWP? And how much in donations would the WWP bring in, and in turn be able to spend to help Wounded vets?
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Jun 8, 2015