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James L
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Actually if you ask anyone who knows basic math or has fact checked anything before you would know the wage gap is a lie. That number came from the average US female vs average US male. If you look at the same job field with same experience there is no wage gap. If you want to fix the 75 cents to every dollar you must hate women making their own decisions, because you want to force them out of their chosen jobs into jobs you think they should be in to raise the average... This is like taking the average pay of a doctor VS the pay at say the job I do (one of my many jobs) then claiming I am being discriminated against because we don't have equal pay. Actually now that I think of it there are more women paid more than me at my job than there are men... Does this mean my job hates men? Or there could be a logical reason... But screw logic, right?
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Jun 8, 2015