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@Gordon Lewis. Actually he does state that the photos were taken hand-held (see 4:20 mark). And he provides a photograph of him shooting with the lens hand-held (see 3:35), which, while not necessarily serving to document the technique used to take the specific photos shown in the video, serves to illustrate that he, at least sometimes, does use the lens without a tripod.
So, let me ask you something, Mike: If someone with my skin pigmentation, an approximate match of Don Cheadle's, decided to self-identify as White, and if the person seemed sincere about it, would you accept him as White? Or would you think that this person's link to reality had become...unmoored? I just love, which is to say that I don't love, how people with parentage that isn't comprised of two Black people just get to choose a Black self-identity, but people who aren't phenotypically Caucasian would never be able to get others to join in the delusion that they are White. When I point out that the current US President is Bi-Racial, someone, always feels the need to inform me that "He self-identifies as Black." Imagine if he were to self-identify as "White." Would the world agree? Would you? If it's just a matter of choosing any racial identity one wants, then why isn't it an option for people to choose "White"? White occupies an inviolate space in reality: one either is, or is not; the best one who is not can do is to "pass" for it. And if one doesn't appear to be White, one just isn't--self-identification be damned. Black, on the other hand is a designation of so little value that inclusion requires neither meeting some minimum phenotypical standard, nor even having Black parentage. Someone merely wanting to be Black is enough for some people to assert that the "Black community" (whatever that is) should "embrace" her. As long as humans continue to assign importance on what should be meaningless phenotypical distinctions, I won't see Blackness any less a fixed reality than is Whiteness; as long as Whiteness is defined by having White parents and looking White, then I don't see why a lower standard should be applied to identifications of Blackness. On the day that Barack Obama, or Don Cheadle for that matter, can declare themselves as White and be "embraced" by [their fellow] White people, I'll accept that a blue-eyed Caucasian woman with a suntan and curled hair is Black woman. Not before. -XM [I don't really know anything about Rachel Dolezal. just think we should all stop paying so much attention to these separations. There are much more important things about people than what percentage of their parentage is what. Hate makes the world go 'round, and I gotta say I hate that. I hope my son lives in a nation where he will not be judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character. (With apologies to MLK.) --Mike]
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Jun 16, 2015