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Jon bron
Florida, USA
At Wise Dental Repair, we have been serving the dental industry since 1996 and strive for our customer’s satisfaction. All of the dental supplies we provide are newly qualified, field tested, and they come with a six month warranty. While we specialize in dental hand piece repair, we are still a full service dental repair company. We can both service and handle fiber optic replacement, slow speed dental hand pieces and their attachments, scalers, contra angles, latch heads, prophy heads, and quick connects. In the event that you need to sharpen or re-tip your instruments, we can do that as well. For those who are looking to purchase new or used dental handpieces, you can have a look at our equipment catalog or contact us for pricing and availability. If your hand piece is not working properly, we can fix it in an efficient, timely, and affordable manner. Contact us at Wise Dental Repair, either by phone at 1-(888)-411-6933 or you can easily print out one of our work order forms where you would send your tool to our location for repairs.
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Jun 20, 2015