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Those were an agency giveaway from Acuity Insurance. Acuity sends their agents a lot of giveaways, they tend to alternate candy and cookies with hats, socks, earmuffs. Plus the occasional random picnic blanket, kite, VR headset, dozen long-stemmed roses or pop-up annual report with pre-recorded management voices. The Handerpants were a clearly meant as a joke, but it fell pretty flat.
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That's actually pretty cool. A left handed keyboard - you see the key at the upper right to cycle between the left hand letters, the right hand letters, numbers and symbols, for anyone who cannot use their right hand for typing. I don't see a current Amazon listing for this, it's a pretty specialty item, I'm sure. Knowing that makes the reviewer seem more jerk than comedian, it's not difficult to figure out how to type properly using it.
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They could have been living outside of the country for some years and not caught up with technological changes yet. I had to explain the "cash back" option on a debit transaction to my sister-in-law a couple of months ago at a drugstore while the cashier stared at us like we were Martians. She is in no way stupid, she lives in a country where that isn't an option given at retail stores. She is fluent in English and has a US bank issued debit card, but she has only lived in the US for less than a year, 20 years ago. She also had a cashier in Paris a few years ago clearly express the opinion that she was stupid when she struggled with a self-checkout there. She speaks three languages fluently, the cashier only French, but her problems using an unfamiliar technology in a foreign country were just met with contempt rather than understanding and assistance. Unfamiliarity with a technology does not equate to stupidity, and the day may come when you are the one being called stupid for not knowing how to use some piece of computerized equipment you've never seen before.
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I worked for the gym & swim made famous by the Village People. This incident took place on the first day of summer camp one year. Our camp counselors were trained and certified in CPR and First Aid every year before camp started. The son of our Aquatics Director (my boss) arrived at the pool with his camp group. 8 year old boy, scarlet-faced and in tears complaining about his headache. Camp counselors did nothing, we lifeguards immediately recognized that he had heat exhaustion and took him into his mother's air-conditioned office where he was given water and cooled down. When he didn't appear much better after first aid, his mother took him to the ER where he received IV rehydration and was observed for about three hours. They left the building about 2pm. Mother came back to work the next day, leaving him with his father (her ex) because he wasn't medically cleared to return to camp. Management made the mother take a half vacation day for this, even though she had 42 hours on her timesheet for the week. For a medical emergency that was exacerbated by their camp counselor employees ignoring their first aid training they had taken weeks before. This was the defining moment when I stopped caring. The dysfunctional management structure and attempts to make part time hourly workers perform management functions were just the icing on the cake.
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The google shows smokey bacon flavour, available in Britain, to be vegan, and therefore halal as long as it doesn't contain alcohol.
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Jun 24, 2015