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?? Reduce managed care capitation rates. ?? Perhaps all those forced-into-MCO-"care" clients would benefit by having Rouner's staff actually take a look at what services MCO clients are actually -receiving- as opposed to what the website & TV hype purvey. From my vantage point, as a personal-care assistant to a very disabled young woman, no one has looked at, nor perhaps can understand, the incredible beauracracy inherent in all? managed-care providers' so-called care delivery systems. Her current insurance company has provided nil (since October, 2014) except medications. Multiple telephone conferences to resolve support & provider issues have done nothing except keep their managerial personnel employed and (hopefully)irritated; great for their overgrown procedure-analysis / compliance departments and paper-pushers, not-so-great for Ms N---. I'd love to see the transcripts... Too many folks are operating under the -assumption- that everything's copacetic. It ain't so. Healthcare should work more like auto repair: inspect, analyze, prescribe,and fix. Done. D'oh. What we get is: delay, obfuscation, review, denial, nebulous promises, inaction, discourtesy, marginalization and insouciance. And that from a top-tier? company ill-equipped to do what they're ostensibly being paid for, i.e., plan, coordinate and provide needed healthcare services for, in this case, a TBI patient. Probably -all- TBI patients. It's a very, very unfunny non-joke. The problem is simple: the Right hand just doesn't know... what the Right hand is doing. Think it's high-time to move to a state with competent, caring legistators. And far less corruption. See you there.
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Jun 27, 2015