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Samantha Skarin
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Hi! My name is Samantha Skarin and I’m a member of UCLA Anderson’s class of 2017. You’ll likely see more of my contributions on UCLAMBA’s Instagram account, but I wanted to introduce myself none-the-less. I’m from Brooklyn, NY (born and raised) - hence the Dodgers reference - and I moved out to LA in August. Some more fast facts about me: Undergraduate School: Cornell University Undergraduate Major: Design and Environmental Analysis: Human Factors and Ergonomics (that would be an “other” on the application drop-down) Pre-Anderson Job(s): I spent my first few years after college working at a small branding and marketing firm in New York called DeSantis Breindel before moving over to a marketing technology agency called HelloWorld (formerly ePrize). My roles have primarily been in account management, project management and new business development, though because I’ve been at smaller companies, I’ve had the opportunity to wear a LOT of hats. Post-Anderson job aspiration: Product management in tech. What I’m most excited about: Getting out of my comfort zone and having the opportunity to try new things, explore, learn, and develop long-lasting friendships in such a vibrant and collaborative environment. Why Anderson?: How do I love thee, let me count the ways (sonnets FTW!). I chose Anderson because from the moment I started thinking about my MBA and researching the programs, I was totally blown away by the resources Anderson has available, the diversity in electives, and all that LA as a city, and a business hub, has to offer.... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2015 at The MBA Student Voice
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Jun 28, 2015