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My boyfriend and I and our 2 young children + dog, met Ben, this morning at the Serpentine Pavillion, Hyde Park. Ben was sitting at the table next to us, and commented straight away on our dog. He said he loved animals. I told him that she was a Schnauzer, he promptly told me she was German and he loved Germans. Ben started to talk about his accident and then about all the films he had been in. He was wearing a Die Another Day fleece and a Nike teeshirt. He was also sporting a Nike bag. He told me he had been sponsored by Nike and still really loved sport. He also talked about how much he loved Ballet and Reading (currently reading The Count of Monty Cristo, which he also was a Stunt man in and taught Guy Pearce to sword fight). He asked if we had been to Russia? Our answer was 'no'. He said we should go. Ben had a lovely glint in his eye and his whole face lit up every time he said something. He was a little worried that I could be frightened of him but I kept on reassuring him that I was not. When we left the Serpentine, I promptly googled Ben and everything he said was true and more. I can not believe that this man, who seems to have been supremely talented in absolutely every walk of life, is also so positive about what's happened to him. I also can't believe, after having ready everyone else's posts, just how much Ben gets about and how he touches so many people's lives. If you are reading this Ben, I think you are amazing and a total inspiration.
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Jul 5, 2015