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Definitely doable and on my list when I have some crusty bread leftover.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2015 on A Way with Leftover Bread at Ruth Reichl
Very lucky to get freshly dug clams. I've not have fresh clams like that since my childhood days in Japan. Used to come back with usually 2 bucketful of clams after an hour or two of digging. No more available like that though.
Toggle Commented Jul 6, 2015 on Perfect Summer Lunch at Ruth Reichl
Oh my, everything looks fabulous. Very intrigued with percebes. I can't imagine what the texture would be like. Looks hard and soft in different places. I think I've seen them on the California coast near Big Sur but did not know they were edible. I love shrimp head - the best part of shrimp.
Both of these look simple and great. It's too bad more Americans do not use ground pork more. I think I am now using ground pork more than ground beef.
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Jul 5, 2015