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Kurt Rotthoff
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Is it even possible to have a bubble for a non-resellable asset?
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So, high teaching load researchers should not send any papers out until all the papers with a given data set have been written? I think that is a bad incentive to set. If data is hand collected, shouldn't presenting the way another researcher can collect the data be sufficient (thus they do have the ability to replicate, but bear the same costs in data collection)? Or, on a separate but related note, does this rule magnify the difficulties of young high teaching load researchers in getting quality work out (and hinder their ability to move up if they wanted or impact their abilities to move up the ranks)? (note: your response will influence my willingness to hand gather unique data sets)
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I understand the requirement of sending your results, or data, to someone when you have stated it is available upon request. However, is the question about sharing data more broadly? I have been hesitant to share data because I have spent years putting data sets together and years writing the papers (primary because of my heavy teaching load). If I put the data together, then share it openly, shouldn't I expect people with lighter teaching loads to write the papers before I can? Should I really feel obligated to share the data when I expect that to happen?
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Jul 8, 2015