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Bon Sai
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I can only hope that we soon get an immigration system that makes it easier for illegal immigrants to become documented citizens. I recently had to sit in on an immigration case, and while the plaintiffs and their lawyers (who I believe were from Integrity Law Group ) were doing a great job, they were seemingly not able to get anywhere over the course of the day because the immigration laws are just so tough to understand much less argue them at all!
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Everyone needs to change, innovate and reinvent at least every once in a while? This post here reminded me of a keynote speech I saw a couple of years ago that was given by Tom Flick. He talked about making changes as well, especially in the business world. The difference was that his talk focused more on companies as a whole instead of individuals making change, but then again, companies are made up of individuals. His main point was that change has to be implemented from the top down, starting with company leadership and continuing on from there. Check his website ( ) out and see if you can catch a speech of his sometime!
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Jul 13, 2015