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Katie MacPhee
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I found this post to be informative. As a teacher that is trying to implement Performance Improvement Strategies in her classroom, instead of a business. I was able to modify each of these Evaluation Questions to fit the classroom!
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I enjoyed this post about competition. In a school, students are competing against themselves and one another. Teachers and students are now competing against all the changes with testing and curriculum. Performance Improvement strategies help not only businesses, but schools as well!
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Nice post. I am currently looking at how Human Performance Improvement can be applied in a high school classroom, and thought that this post offered a good summary of HPI tactics.
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As a teacher, I feel like "push" learning is definitely more prominent in schools. I love the idea of "pull" learning and offering many methods of learning for my students.
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As someone that has sat through these types of employee training seminars, I completely agree with you that they are rarely very effective. There is no better training than experience!
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Jul 23, 2015