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Michael Raferty
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Just a missed note: Dimitrii Sergeev is not a St. Louis Blues draft pick, he is a St. Louis Blues free agent signee. We will need to move some forwards to create playing time, but we cant give up players for nothing in return like previous seasons. We need fair hockey trades where we get something valuable back that can contribute to our squad now rather than draft picks or prospects who may never play or cant commit for a few years. Look for players such as Greg Meireles and Elijah Roberts to contribute big this upcoming season. Both corner stone players who we stole in the draft. Roberts is undersized but has a strong frame which will benefit huge from what I can see. Been a long time ranger fan for 37 seasons looking to see us get back on track. thnx
Toggle Commented Jul 25, 2015 on Rangers’ roster getting crowded at Rangers Report
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Jul 24, 2015