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Writer, Teacher, Wildlife Rehabilitator
Interests: gardening, science fiction fantasy
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D: Serendipitously, your accolade of “Dr. Davis” (whoever he is) happens to fit my co-writer, Dr. A. A. Frank, very well; your characterization of me, not so much. First off, you said that I am a “true believer from the religious Druid, eco-fanatic fringe,” an “unqualified ignoramus,” who “doesn’t understand anything scientific” etc. etc. Oh my! As a matter of fact--like David Brower--I am an Archdruid, thank you very much. And Harvard wasn’t much concerned about my ability to count when I was hired to teach in the Natural Science Department. Secondly, every word of this paper was vetted by both Dr. Frank (whom you so admire) and myself . . . so watch whom you call an ignoramus! When we began the paper with a review of the environmental crisis faced by our planet, we worried that we might be “preaching to the choir”. (We applaud those of you in that particular choir and would not want to bore you.) However, because the perception that Earth is at a tipping point is a prime motivator for the speedy adoption of the PHEV, we did choose to preach a bit. Readers who do not believe in climate change or in the increasing extinction rate for species will miss the true significance of the PHEV, purchasing a plug-in hybrid out of economic self-interest, not from a decision to participate in the new paradigm we describe.
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Jul 25, 2015