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I'm wondering how to cite a chapter in a textbook that has a combination of chapter authors, book authors, and editors. The textbook is a compilation of chapters written by 30+ different people, however on the cover of the book, two specific people are listed as "Authors" and four other people are listed as "Editors". The two "Authors" in previous editions of the book have been cited as the "Editors". Here is a link to the book on Amazon: For example, how would I cite chapter 31 of the book? Should I include the two book Authors and four Editors? Is there an abbreviation for "Author" to reflect both groups? Here is my attempt to format it: Luck, S., & Avino, K. (2016). Nutrition. In B. M. Dossey & L. Keegan (??), C. Barrere, M. Blaszko Helming, D. Shields, & K. Avino (Eds), Holistic Nursing: A handbook for practice (7th ed., pp.717- 750). Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.
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Jul 30, 2015