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Jan J.
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Mmmmm! That looks yummy! I love vintage magazines. When I go to the flea market or antique mall I spend time looking at the ads. My 18-year-old daughter gets hot under the collar when she sees how women were portrayed in the older magazines - one was getting spanked because her man's coffee was not satisfactory!
I am going to try the tofu, too! It sounds really good, and actually the celery does too. My mother used to cook something like that with celery, although I don't think she used soy sauce but I'm not sure. I would love some more of these Chinese recipes! I have a vintage Chinese cookbook, and they used those dried black mushrooms in so many dishes. I am wondering if they are available today.
Toggle Commented Aug 1, 2015 on From China with Love, Circa 1951 at Ruth Reichl
The lima beans maybe, the prune whip - um, ick! I love prunes but Fritos sounds a very odd addition! But what fun to see these old recipes. I am so happy to find your web site. I just finished "Delicious," which I picked up at the library just from reading the back cover. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it! Lulu, Billie, Sammy, Sal, all of the characters became so real to me. I have not traveled much outside of Georgia except to China to adopt my two daughters, but I was IN New York as Sal took Billie around to all the little shops. I could see it, smell it, taste it. I normally read mysteries, most set in the UK, but I am in love with this book and will be ordering my own to savor again and again! I do hope you are writing another novel! Pretty please! As an aspiring writer, this is what I want to achieve - making people and places and emotions real for people as you did in "Delicious!"
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Jul 31, 2015