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Brendan O
Canberra, Australia
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A slice of my pomegranate for a taste of your delights, my lady?
What's the significance of the marginal vertical line figures, similar but varying in detail? Eg f.3r, 4r etc. Emphasis? Appears to be in the same ink as the original ms, and not by Walter. Interesting post thanks. Brendan Thank you for your question! They are elongated ‘Nota’ abbreviations (see the elongated N, T at the top, central O and little A at the bottom), alerting the reader to important bits in the text.
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Man in rear in white shirt, sotto voce: "Desine! Numquam excutiet manus."
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This was clearly St George's sword: Now, Dagger: O ClasH With DRaGon's HeaD! O Reap VIctory!
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Aug 3, 2015