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What Martin said! Please don't go there : -)
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2020 on Blog Note at The Online Photographer
Mike, Thanks for introducing the concept of “hunting.” It helps me understand an approach to picture making I’ve come around to, and relieved me from a lot of frustration when I clarified my expectations for a camera outing. To use the analogy of hunting, whether for food, treasure, life lists (e.g., birds), personal recognition, etc. it helped me to break down the the act of hunting (over simplified) into: bagging a trophy, practice, and getting lucky. Bagging a trophy. It may be hard to focus on a subject for the hunt (you give up some too) but that’s what a lot of serious hunters do. There are seasons, locations, events, investments to be made to come home with something valuable. I picked a trophy type (well, more than one, over time) and realized I would only get what I wanted when I planned the trips (and expenses), invested in the particular equipment, and practiced what was needed to increase the chances of success. For me, it's been a welcome and happy improvement. Practice. Maybe the biggest, unintended benefit of defining the trophy hunt was understanding the role of repetitive, boring, and largely unrewarding practice. These aren't mistakes, misses, or chaff. The role of shooting the equivalent of paper targets, practicing fly-casting in the backyard, or long walks without seeing a bird (let alone a Cooper’s Hawk) was clearly not to come home with the trophy but to make the needed skills for success more or less automatic. What a relief to have a healthy perspective to replace the frustration! Kirk Tuck, bless his heart, practices a LOT. Getting lucky. The more we practice, the better our chances of getting lucky. How rewarding when it happens! The error I have made in the past was getting lucky and judging all the practice that led to it as wasted effort (again as misses, mistakes or chaff). And sometimes, getting lucky also leads to a whole new category of trophies to hunt. John Merlin Williams
Toggle Commented Apr 12, 2020 on Picturehunting at The Online Photographer
Mike, Best wishes for an even better than expected outcome and a speedy recovery. Links to some of your favorite posts, posts that have received the most comments, and guest posts are always appreciated. Maybe one of your many good friends could curate and upload the contents so you aren't tempted to short-cut your visual convalescence. Dedicate yourself to pleasant daydreams of future successes.
Toggle Commented May 25, 2019 on Bad PR at The Online Photographer
You know Mike, B&H would have no problems with you returning that G-9 for an X-H1 (if it's still under 30 days). There's even a option in the "Reason Why" section of the returns page for "Changed My Mind" Seriously - and don't feel guilty about it!
Toggle Commented Jan 30, 2019 on Upshot at The Online Photographer
That's great insight Mike. My weakness/addiction is RAP (Reading About Photography) - you and Kirk Tuck being frequent drugs of choice.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2015 on Diversions at The Online Photographer
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