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On the museum collection site, it states that “on the other side is a series of symbols; two crosses in circles flanking three crescents divided by two quatrefoils”. It goes on to state that “The inscription is clearly gibberish”, but this was written in the 1970s, and we’ve come a long way in our understanding of symbols and languages. A photo of the other side would be helpful. It would also be a good idea to correct the article, where it states what the inscription is. That first "R" does not look like an R at all, it looks like an "n".
Several people have asked for the inscriptions on the other side. It has two crosses in circles, and three crescents, (if I remember correctly) .
There is another sword that was found near this one at the same time, that has the inscription "SNEXORENEXORENEXORENEXOREIS" and also has a cross on each end. Since these were both found at the same site at the same time, perhaps they are related. The swords are very similar in design, if not identical. Also, I found it interesting although perhaps unrelated, that the OED has the letters "CHWDN" as an abbreviation for "churchwarden". There is a place very near the find that is called Monks house, and across the river is Bardney Abbey. I think it's important to note where it was found as well as the other artifacts found in the same site, to aid in further study. Another note: Orvi is gaulish for "to inherit".
"Orvi" is a Gaulic word for "inherit".
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Aug 6, 2015