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The three X could be placeholder --> ND O CHWDRGHD ORVI ; ORVI could mean Orbi (v becomes b due to a Lautverschiebung (sound shift, quite common in German)) , which means Scheibe or disc in latin (maybe meaning the the sword came with a circular shield ; CHWDR (without the GHD) could be a mispelling of the German word for sword (Schwert), at least the phonetics for CHWDR and Schwert are roughly similar ; With a lot of speculation: GHD could mean that the sword sounded like a 'b durum' , which is latin for b sharp; Blade (german:Klinge derives from 13century klingen: the sound when a sword hits a shield or a helmet) ; O could be some sort of a connective ; ND remains a mistery (maybe initials for a name or place where it was produced). Also the Royal Armouries Ms. I.33 Fechtbuch could be very interesting in that context.