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I solved the code I have to say it was easier (15 minutes) than getting any response from BL. Anyway here is the answer and explanation. The CODE is; OBJECTIVE OF THE SERVANT OF GOD I or I AM OBJECTIVE OF THE SERVANT OF GOD If we break down the letters in to smaller pieces and assume that all the X’s are SPACE then I come to the next words. ND (should be NOD) NOD = Objective O = Of CHW (should be CHWAS) = Servant GHD (should be GOHD) = GOD ORVI (should be ORI) = Of I When you translate Welsh into English the outcome is not the same. I translated Welsh into German and Dutch, with only these two languages you can re-translate into English. This makes me believe that the sword was indeed produced in either the region Germany or Holland and the words are therefore non translatable directly from Welsh to English. This all fits in perfectly with the current exhibition at BL. MAGNA CARTA To be more precise The Knights Templars There were Templars with Welsh origin who also spread into the German region. It makes sense that some words were lost in translation. Not everyone had an internet connection , word and google back in these days. So a typo in a word or phonetic write down could have been the case. Good example from that period is the name from the black knight. He looked Moorish and that is where the name Maurice came from or in German Mauritz. The sword comes from the 13th century which is the period of the Templars. It is German and it is a so called; Medieval German Sword with round Pommel The Teutonic Order followed the lead of the Templars and Hospitallers by creating a system of provinces. Membership of this mostly German-speaking order was composed of various, distinct classes: knights, priests, and other brothers. Though the Templars got lands in Germany as early as the year 1130, their acquisitions were not large in that country till the thirteenth century. I am trying to get the name of the blacksmith and the owner of the sword. The place where the sword was found , Lincolnshire, was one of the last strongholds of the Templars. So I am now investigating all known knights with Welsh background who went to German and came back to Lincolnshire.
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Aug 8, 2015