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Don Jonson021
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I know.this will sound insane,but what if those letters are actually some kind of music notes that will reveal song of the sword? "Excalibur singing sword".
One more thing is interesting,if you payed attention on that picture with those 3 knights,then you have seen first knight with yellov "Ljiljan" or "daffodi" flower (used by many Muslim nations during history),on second is mark of dragon or maybe wolf ( if its a wolf,then is probably Viking) and on third is cross (Christian).All 3 knighst fights togethere,but who is their enemy ?
i think i got some info about that sword it looks like very old french type of swords "Chevalier".But confusing thing is that "X" way of wrting it with that curves,it remind me on some very rare ancient gipsy language used in Britain,centuries ago.In that gypsy language letter "X' writes as "Ouks and Oiks" that are only 2 variations...I hope i have helped a little bit...good luck with new info's...Im sorry,because my English is this bad,but i gave my best to help you all.
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Aug 8, 2015