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Lara Herstrom
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This may actually have been solved (or very nearly) already. I ran across this paper in Russian that looks like it was published in 1984, titled Mysteries of Latin Stamps Swords IX-XIV Centuries. I don't speak or read Russian, so I had to run it through Google translator. Here is the link to the page I initially found: Check out #6 on that page. The letters are nearly identical (with the exception of an "M" for the "W", and maybe one other small deviation). If you click on the link that says "To Content" (translated through Google - it's the one before and after the table itself) and check out the sources, the source for that particular entry is Oakeshott, R.W. The Archaeology of Weapons, 1960. I don't know if it is the same sword or one nearly identical, but the dating and everything else looks correct too. I wanted to provide this information because it is nearly identical and may at least give you a lead on people who have already looked at this before (or something very similar).
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Aug 9, 2015