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Prior to the Clean Air Act Amendments (re SOx), you had a lot of activity on this issue occurring in SoCal. Two economists who played a role in persuading Zach WIlley and through him the EDF were Roger Noll and Bob Hahn (who you mention in your follow-up note). See: Noll, Roger G. "Implementing marketable emissions permits." The American economic review (1982): 120-124; Hahn, Robert W., and Roger G. Noll. "Barriers to implementing tradable air pollution permits: Problems of regulatory interactions." Yale J. on Reg. 1 (1983): 63; Cass, G. R., R. W. Hahn, and R. G. Noll. Implementing tradable emissions permits for sulfur oxides emissions in the south coast air basin. Volume III: appendices. No. PB-83-122812. California Inst. of Tech., Pasadena (USA). Environmental Quality Lab., 1982; Hahn, Robert W. "Market power and transferable property rights." The Quarterly Journal of Economics (1984): 753-765. Going back even further, a couple of Republican economists made a notable contribution in this area: Fort, D. M., et al. PROPOSAL FOR A'SMOG TAX'. No. RAND/P-1621-RC. RAND CORP SANTA MONICA CA, 1959. I might note in passing that I co-edited a book with LeRoy Graymer in 1972 which included contributions from Zach Willey, Bob Hahn, and Roger Noll, along with a comment by Bill Niskanen on this topic: Graymer, LeRoy, and Fred Thompson, eds. Reforming social regulation: alternative public policy strategies. SAGE, 1982.
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Aug 9, 2015