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Joseph Humphries
I'm kind of a nerd... but I don't live in my grandma's basement. Yet.
Interests: All kinds of stuff, but much to my shame, a lot of things that are vanity.
Recent Activity
Great post!! By the way, I just turned 39 years old, and have never had Nutella. Not sure I want to try it at this point in my life, the last thing I need is another temptation to eat something that i shouldn't!!! ;-)
Too much cheese and butter? Is there such a thing?? I, too, go without makeup as much as possible, and it feels great! HA! ;-) I hope that this weekend brings you some calm, nothingness in your schedule as well!!
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2015 on cold, gray, perfect day at Aspire Homestead
Happy Birthday, Hans!! Hope it was the rootin'est tooten'est birthday in the wild wild west!!
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2015 on My Cowboy is Seven! at Aspire Homestead
Kristen, you are an inspiration!! Hope that this weekend goes a bit slower for you so you can do some of those things you have been yearning to do as of late. ;-) I am single parenting-it this next week and a half, and it made me think of you and want to check out your blog. My wife's dad has been being treated by hospice this past week, and we felt it was best for her to get some good, one-on-one time while she can. Hope all is well on your end!!
Toggle Commented Aug 30, 2015 on Our Time...Or Lack Thereof at Aspire Homestead
My first thought was "Why did she put them in the trash instead of using them for compost?" ;-) Glad you had fun this weekend, and it sounds like you had your priorities right, too.
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Aug 11, 2015