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This piece and its companion on the Obama ICE raids makes the BRC look like a faux version of the INDY. You have a branding problem here, as we read the BRC for its wonkish details (as exemplified by your courageous DPS expose) and not its political views. Let the INDY handle the invented morality memes and keep your brand strong. Good luck!
Re The Friends of Durham endorsements: According to data in couragous Bull City Rising January exposé on DPS spending, DPS has a disproportionately larger budget for administrative staff and warehousing compared to peer systems. The only serious question to ask is: Why did the School Board overfund administrative staff, underfund bus drivers and maintenance workers, and then try to blame incumbent County Commissioners for not making up the difference in 2015?
Natalie has it right. Don't put a government utility in a prime downtown location. Durham has done a magnificent job creating value in downtown. The Police HQ should go in an area that can't attract private development. And then the DPD can have the building they want/need. Bad enough we put the jail and courthouse beside gems like DPAC, the Bulls and ATC. Let's not make this mistake a third time.
I am sure that Ray has the right metric, apparently alumni wealth, but is that the right metric for transit planners?? Combined Duke/UNC-CH enrollment is 43K, compare to combined NCCU/DT enrollment of 33K. Yet Duke and UNC-CH have free busses ,and now light-rail??. What is the GOP'er missing?
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Aug 11, 2015